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ERP Program

Nbaramj Almurad business management either Microsoft or Oracle or prepared software that cater specifically to. The labor market demands, the company signed global partnerships for the implementation of best practices and software to suit all companies small, medium or large institutions modern construction or old, some of which may need to be comprehensive programs to meet all the requirements the work of those companies.

Possess our programs and our applications business solutions for various sectors such as: distribution-services firms-industry-hotels-maintenance companies-retail-leasing-projects.

ERP system

Customer – Relationship Management CRM systems

Customers lifeline in a lot of business processes is considered. The more the company’s management to its relations with customers better, been more successful. For this, the information technology-based systems, which in particular address the issues related to dealing with customers, the convergence of a growing popular.

Relationship management systems help customers companies to implement effective programs to manage relationships with customers.

Customer relationship management in itself is not just a computer program, it is also the strategy of the business, know their needs and behavior Bakdrokpr, in order to develop their stronger ties.

Relationship management methodologies customer focus on building individual relationships with customers, in order to create the foundations to gain customer loyalty and retention.

Relationship management systems apply to customers in all sections of the company, to help the harmony and consensus-minded attention to customers in the company’s full attention this centrally and cooperation between departments also reduces costs, increases efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction.

Does your company need a customer relationship management programs?

The companies not to sell products and services, but is based on the exploration of satisfied clients, and keep them satisfied for life, buying products and services company. To achieve this satisfaction, companies – especially large – we need a central automated system to manage customer relationships and makes the information available to all employees in order to provide better customer service.

ERP – ERP software

ERP system is prompt accounting information system to identify and strategic planning for all necessary measures to supply the company’s huge resources, manufacturing, sales, and accounting based on the demands of customers.

With the enormous economic, social and technological developments in the human in the past few decades, information has become one of the most important resources companies, and in view of the evolution of computer systems in large companies and the need for management of the development, and the need to be an international product, any viable export and distribution to all parts of the world, as well as the need to shorten the time to build a new product, and the need for the information in order to understand the competitive strategies and monitoring market developments to better, and provide better service to the customer, became the companies and businesses of all nature and sizes claim strongly to enter into the world of “information technology to provide information and appropriate content and profuse and flour to the consumer and partner.

It includes ERP software package to a group of systems, including:

– Financial management and accounting system

– Procurement system

– Manufacturing System

Whereas most companies need accounting software and software for a private company, it must be on modern information system, a system of “enterprise resource planning” to accommodate all functions of the company’s vision of accounting, which should provide a comprehensive solution to the company’s accounting.